Quality Our company invests in the quality, rigor and competence, in order to provide the best services to its customers.
Technology and Engineering With over 33 years of existence, it was always our goal to be at the forefront of technology and engineering on our constructions.
Internacionalization In the last years, Construcentro has invested in its Internacionalization, having clients in Europe and in Africa also.

Decathlon - Montijo1 Minipreço - Marco de Canaveses2 11 Armazens - Seixal3 Acessos Leroy e Merlin - Maia4 AKI - Caldas da Rainha5 Totem Decathlon -  Almada6 Arquivo Municipal - Oliveira de Azemeis7 Complexo Desportivo de Anca8 CNI - Carlos Nunes & Irmãos9 AKI - Evora10 Centro Escolar - Alcochete11 Minipreço -Vila Nova de Famalicão12 Auditorio - Ordem dos Engenheiros13 Zona Comercial do Seixal14 Edificio AEP (Associação Empresarial de Portugal)15 AKI - Torres Vedras16 Remodelação - Centro Escolar - Antes (Mealhada)17 Decathlon - Castelo Branco18 Enviroil II19 Enviroil II-20 Minipreço - Montemor-o-Velho21 Habitações Multifamilares - Coimbra22 Litocar - Castelo Branco23

Our History
Construcentro was founded in 22 of October of 1979, and it was always our focus to grow with stability, consolidating our economic, financial and technical roots with credibility and firmness, therefore deserving the trust of our partners and clients.

Mainly in the first two decades, the company had its main area of intervention in the region of Lisbon, highlighting in its portfolio constructions for institutions such as The Portuguese Armed Forces, Bank of Portugal, Portuguese Congress, EDP ( Energies of Portugal), Santa Casa da Misericórdia of Lisbon, LNEC - National Laboratory of Civil Engineering, The Air Force and several City Councils and other public entities, in addition to multiple and differentiated private clients.

With the entry of a new executive board in 2006, Construcentro extended its range of activity to the Central and Northern areas of Portugal, adding to the South Area. Their choices where entrepreneurial but well thought , and proved to be correct, earning the appreciation of its natural partners. The last of those choices consisted in being closer to its clients, establishing its headquarters in the city of Coimbra, an option that has staked out the course of Construcentro

The company invested in quality, rigor and competence, as well as a narrow relationship of cooperation with various entities, public and private, with the intention to render the best services to its clients. More than a strategic entrepreneurial position, Construcentro searches genuinely for the loyalty and satisfaction of its clients, as well with the quality of the services rendered. And feels comfortable in this role.

Thirty years after its foundation, proceeded a new and profound process of adjustment of the organic structure, making the company more capable of responding to the new challenges of the market - each time more prone to global conjunctures.

It is in the quality of the people that work with us that we find the biggest factor of competitiveness. All this contributes for that our customers find in us the partnership that serves their wishes, their expectations and their achievements.

And because the future will one day be part of the history, it is the ambition of Construcentro to have a strong consolidation and growth, being know for it, in its sector of activity.

We have ahead of us an ambitious project of sustained growth. But the achievement of that plan requires rigor, proficiency, entrepreneurship and a careful reading of economic indicators on a global scale. If a proverb could be used here, we would say:

«When the wind blows strong, some take shelter. Others build windmills».